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(Thymus vulgaris) Raw thyme honey is one of the types of natural honey that has the most health benefits, as was discovered in Ancient Greece. Thyme honey comes from one of the aromatic plants par excellence: thyme, but there are two more unknown aspects related to it. On the one hand, although we speak of thyme as a single plant, it is actually a genus, thymus, which groups more than a thousand different species. And on the other, thanks to some of the varieties of this genre, thyme honey is produced, a true gift of nature full of properties at the service of health. Raw thyme honey is a highly appreciated natural honey that shows that thyme goes far beyond an aromatic plant widely used in cooking and medicine. Also, it helps improve the digestive system. Raw thyme honey is one of the most appreciated for the uniqueness of its properties, highly beneficial for health. And this is what very few products can match its delicious flavor in intensity and balance.

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Raw thyme honey not only is famous for its aromatic qualities and irresistible flavor but also for its therapeutic uses.

  1. It prevents throat infection.

In cases of moderate and acute throat infection, raw thyme honey has proven to be a powerful antiseptic. The high concentration of sugar that it presents prevents the proliferation of viral activity in the affected area. Likewise, it has traditionally been combined with lemon to calm pain on those winter days when the voice leaves us.

  1. It improves digestion.

Thanks to the properties of the thyme flower, this honey is an invaluable ally of the digestive system. For people with problems associated with intestinal transit, there is nothing better than consuming raw thyme honey. It can also prevent stomach pain.

  1. It regulates blood pressure.

Recent studies support its properties as a blood pressure regulating agent. Experts argue that the high presence of glycosaccharides allows it to act as a natural antioxidant and thus reduce blood pressure. Adding two tablespoons of honey to a cinnamon infusion can be a great remedy to help reduce blood pressure without resorting to drugs.

  1. It fights colds and other cardiorespiratory ailments.

It is rich in vitamins A, B, and C. It provides our body with everything necessary to combat respiratory ailments such as coughs or colds. Its antiseptic properties effectively reduce the inflammation of the respiratory membranes.

  1. Source of minerals.

It is a source of potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, selenium, calcium, and iron.

  1. Antiseptic.

It gives excellent results when applied as a cream to treat burns or cuts.

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