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(Citrus Sp.) Raw orange blossom honey owes its name to the white flowers of the orange and lemon trees, called orange blossom by the Muslims who populated the peninsula between the 8th and 15th centuries. It is considered a delicacy with a unique flavor, and all those who have tried it emphasizes that this variety is one of the most aromatic on the market. The Spanish Levante is a land of citrus, and with spring the orange trees bloom in a spectacle where the white of the orange blossoms alternates with the orange of the ripe fruit and the green leaves, all in an unmistakable collage. Bees use the nectar from its flowers to make one of the most delicious honey on the market. This variety is rich in sugars, which gives it a great density due to its deep crystallization.

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Raw orange blossom honey is high-quality honey with many properties, but among all of them, we must mention its calming effect.

It is highly recommended for those who have insomnia. Orange blossom honey can be taken with an infusion or a glass of warm milk before going to bed or even taken directly. In the latter case, and since the sugars in honey are rapidly absorbed, the effect will be almost immediate and the consumer can relax and help them fall asleep.

It is a source of potassium, phosphorus, and glucose. It immediately gives energy to the body. Together with lemon juice, it becomes a good antitussive and anti-inflammatory against throat irritations. However, due to its micro bacterial properties, one of its most outstanding properties is as a wound healing.

Some of its properties:


Calming effect

Rich in potassium


What are other properties of raw orange blossom honey?

Its high levels of glucose make it a faster absorbing sweetener than other honey. Its energy power and other qualities are also determined by the presence of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, selenium, copper, sodium, and potassium, among others. Consequently, this bee variety has antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing, anticancer, and antioxidant effects on our body.

Benefits of consuming raw orange blossom honey:

1. It promotes wound healing.

Raw orange blossom honey has healing properties. It is ideal for fighting common cuts and wounds, always with the total guarantee of using a natural remedy with proven efficacy.

2. Natural antioxidant.

The high presence of glucosaccharides makes it behave as an extremely effective antioxidant. According to a study published by Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry in 2011, the flavonoids contained in honey, especially in orange blossom, make this product a natural antioxidant. This means that it is an ally to combat the development of free radicals in our body, thus preventing the premature aging of our cells.

3. It prevents cancer diseases.

Orange blossom honey has been shown to have anti-cancer properties. Due to its composition high in glucose and levulose, two monosaccharides that are very easily assimilated by the body, it helps to kill cancer cells, reversing the degeneration process associated with this type of pathology. For this reason, it is commonly used in treatments of lung, colon, prostate, and liver cancer.

There are currently numerous open studies that advise its intake in cases of skin cancer. In any case, you should consult your doctor first.

4. It strengthens the immune system.

In recent studies, raw orange blossom honey has shown antibacterial properties against a large number of common pathogens. However, it should be noted that it must include at least 20% honey to activate its inhibitory properties.

5. Sedative and natural antidepressant.

To all mentioned above, we must add other benefits of raw orange blossom honey associated with its relaxing qualities, thanks to the active principles contained in the orange blossom itself. In this way, it can be used as a natural sedative for loss of sleep, and it is also indicated in cases of acute anxiety, thanks to its relaxing effects.

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