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Pure Raw Honey
The most natural

Our honey is of the highest quality, it is obtained naturally, harvested by hand, unfiltered, it is not adulterated or contains any additives and of course it is not pasteurized.

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We take care of the environment

Thanks to bees, pollinating the flowers, which allows for greater biodiversity in the environment and promoting sustainable development in the rural world.

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Direct Selling,

We are professional beekeepers who give consumers the opportunity to buy these totally natural products without intermediaries and at minimal prices.

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Raw honey, from the hive home

We are beekeepers who obtain pure honey in the traditional way, doing it all manually and in an artisan way, without adding or removing anything from the honey, without filtering, without overheating and without mixing, since this would mean a lower quality of our products.

This is why we can say that we sell pure raw honey.

We ship worldwide, check our prices or anything else without obligation.

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Get to know the bees

Because we want the fear of bees to be lost, that their habits and relationships with the rest of the colony are known and that the infinite properties of the products that come from them, as well as the environment in which they operate, are better known. That is the main reason why we have created this website.

In addition, we offer an activity for any person or group of people who wants to spend a wonderful day in the mountains and who want to know more about beekeeping, guided visits to the apiary in which you will discover why it is such a controversial animal, we will see a hive inside And we will solve all the doubts you have on this topic, you will learn how a hive works as well as much more about bees, having the option of sponsoring a colony or buying any product directly from the honey industry

What products do we have?


Pure and raw honey from our mountains


Collected by our bees


Exquisite bite hard to find


Fresh royal jelly, candles and pumpkin syrup.

Pure honey from Spain

Our honey is of the highest quality, collected and produced by our bees without any factor external to the natural production process itself, a raw honey without filtering, without heating and without mixing. Buy raw honey and other products directly from the beekeeper.