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Belonging to the Quercus family, oak is a tree native to humid areas and brown lands. The highest concentrations occur in regions with high rainfall and in mountains. Its flowers, thin in appearance and pale yellow, give rise to the familiar acorns. Its apicultural use begins in the months of August and September when the honey bees begin their laborious work. Raw oak honey is not obtained from flowers but from trees. Its color is darker than that of honey from flower nectar and its antioxidant properties are superior. It offers great resistance to solidification or crystallization.

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Color: It can go from a very intense dark to a more yellowish hue.
  • Smell: Pleasant, clear woody component.
  • Flavor: You can feel the plant origin, as well as that of the species in question. More intense and bitter than flower honey.

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Pure raw oak honey incorporates compounds such as polyphenol. In addition, it is rich in mineral salts. It also highlights the concentration of iron in its molecules and of other minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

On the other hand, we acknowledge its invaluable vitamin contribution, which ranges from vitamin A, through the presence of B1 and B2, among others. And of course, it offers the usual properties of honey of beekeeping origin, such as the energizing effect or the anti-inflammatory properties.

Benefits of raw oak honey

As can be seen from the previous point, raw oak honey has a bunch of elements and properties. Its consumption gives us a good amount of them, being perfect to respond to various physical and mental problems. We can list the following benefits of raw oak honey:

  1. It favors digestion.

Its enzymatic content stimulates the absorption of food through the stomach walls. Likewise, it helps the dissolution of food in the stomach and facilitates its transit through the digestive system. As if that weren’t enough, its anti-inflammatory capabilities relieve and combat ailments associated with the digestive tract. It also favors the absorption of substances such as calcium and magnesium, so its consumption is recommended for children.

      2. Relieves sore throats.

Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components, in addition to its contribution to vitamin C, make it an excellent ally when it comes to fighting ailments such as laryngitis, pharyngitis, and various inflammations in the throat. For sure, one of those benefits of raw oak honey that is worth knowing.

     3. Natural and ecological emollient.

Emollients are those medicinal substances that soften hardness or reduce swelling. The iodine content helps to combat bacterial actions in the areas affected by swelling. The application of raw oak honey can reduce inflammation until it is eliminated.

     4. Improves blood pressure.

Its dissolving properties on materials such as fat (which can adhere to the walls of veins and arteries), as well as its ability to reduce cholesterol help to improve blood pressure levels in people affected by high blood pressure peaks.

     5. Fight anemia.

The number of mineral salts included in its amalgam of nutrients, vitamins, and other compounds, make pure oak honey an essential product to tackle states of anemia.

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