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The eucalyptus is a very unusual flower, geographically marked throughout Spain. We can find it to the north, classic in areas like Galicia, Asturias or Cantabria. In these areas it blooms in autumn, or in the south of the peninsula, where it blooms in summer, it is classic in Huelva. Raw eucalyptus honey is especially recommended to combat hoarseness. Organoleptic characteristics Color: Light amber, sometimes with broom or heather a little darker, greenish notes Smell: Eucalyptus, wet wood Flavor: Intense, persistent, very characteristic

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Source of vitamins and vegetable proteins. It is perfect for toasts. Although the properties of raw eucalyptus honey are many more, these may be some of the most remarkable in this specific variety of honeys.

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1. Natural sweetener.
Raw eucalyptus honey is proud to be one of the most recommended natural sweeteners, especially for those who are trying to take care of their diet due to liver or intestinal problems. The sugars in honey are easily absorbed by the intestines and help protect the membranes that line the liver.

2. Fight colds and other cardiorespiratory ailments.
Given its high content of vitamins A, B and C, this and other raw honeys provide our body with everything necessary to combat respiratory ailments such as coughs or colds. As if that weren’t enough, its antiseptic properties effectively reduce the inflammation of the respiratory membranes.

3. Promotes the healing of burns and wounds
Raw eucalyptus honey has regenerative properties thanks to the set of enzymes that make up its composition. For this reason, it is a valuable tissue repair, favoring their reconstruction and helping to regain the elasticity of damaged cells. It is not surprising, therefore, that pure eucalyptus honey is used as a regenerator in burned areas of the skin or in wounds that have damaged the skin surface.

4. Prevents throat infection.
In cases of moderate and acute throat infection, broom honey has proven to be a powerful antiseptic. The high concentration of sugar that it presents prevents the proliferation of viral activity in the affected area. Likewise, it has traditionally been combined with lemon to calm the pain on those winter days when the voice leaves us.

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