Lamiaceae Honey

Lamiaceae honey is a special kind of multi-floral honey.

Lamiaceae, mostly Rosmarinus officinalis + Thymus ssp., most times, could be rosemary, thyme, or another monofloral. In this case, it is the natural mixture of these specific flowers that occur rarely.

It is multi-floral honey (made up of thousands of different flowers from different flower species). The harvest dates vary according to the year between March and May. It is impossible to harvest it every year.

It is rich in numerous compounds that help health, from tyrosine and antifungal substances to flavonoids and phenolic acids.

All the properties and benefits that can be attributed to honey are exclusively pertaining to pure raw honey since, for reasons beyond our control and that we cannot understand, these kinds of honey are overheated, micro-filtered or mixed with other products, thus decreasing the quality of honey and renouncing the countless properties and benefits of this product.

Organoleptic characteristics

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